REALITY CHECK | I Chose to be a “Starving Artist”

A so-called starving artist, that is. As seen this morning on my way to a cafe with my deluxe laptop — sporting cute sandals, smelling fresh from a shower, already tasting the gourmet coffee. I need to remember this man the next time I gripe about my restricted budget, which is restricted because I chose to quit my day-job for awhile.

Some people would relish the opportunity to decide whether or not they want to afford an overpriced latte.


10 thoughts on “REALITY CHECK | I Chose to be a “Starving Artist”

  1. OK, Lisa, this made me burst out laughing, proving that I am in fact a sick woman. Coupled with your headline, I mean… LOL!

    I’m shocked at my own insensitivity to this poor homeless man. I mean… he’s prone, next to a dumpster. Horrible. And I laughed out loud.

  2. I don’t think he’s homeless, those clothes look way too new and way too clean. I’m guessing he’s one of the publishers that didn’t pick up Lisa’s manuscript, realized his mistake, and drank himself into a stupor. His only saving grace is that he fell with his head hidden by the dumpster that matches his wardrobe so well.

  3. Eve, remember the movie “Fargo”? The scene in which the kidnapped woman escapes the bad guys’ car and runs around frantically in the snow, tripping and bumping into trees because her head is covered? She’s obviously terrified, yet I laughed so hard I started to cry…(I received many dirty looks.)

  4. Lisa, do you really think that you had a choice? Well, maybe you could still have a day job, but the art of writing chose you and I doubt it will just “go away”. Eat or starve, it’s always there. . . Bwahaha!

  5. Kathryn, so true! Alas, I could stand to be a little more starved around the mid-section — I’m obviously not on a restricted-enough budget when it comes to that!

  6. I want to be a starving artist too. It’s scary (that photo is sobering), but I really want to take the leap. When? I guess I’ll know when I’m ready. At least I hope I know.

  7. cedar — yes, it does, doesn’t it?

    Nova…NYC is tough. How to let go of the fear in such an expensive city? It’s ridiculous; I can’t imagine what you’re paying in rent for your tiny one-bedroom.

  8. It’s bad, so I won’t say! (And it’s even rent-stabilized.) I am really trying to make it out of NYC by the time the lease ends… but, so many buts. I said that last year and we’re still here.

    Oh and btw, I thought Portland was BEAUTIFUL! Maybe… you never know… I wish there was some kind of book publishing work out there…

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