Quick Question For You

This is not deep, not even about writing, but can someone tell me what the deal is with the comment I received on yesterday’s post?

For one thing, it states that “Porteus” wrote the post…For another, what’s with the ads? Or, is that what it is, a nifty strategy to get me, the writer, and maybe you, the reader, to click over to a page of ads? Is WordPress in cahoots with Ads by Google?

Is it called “best webBlogs reView” to get me to think I’ve won some kind of prize and thereby click over? Who are those people on the blogroll, and what do they have to do with it?

I’ve gotten a few of these, usually I spam or delete them, thought I’d ask this time around. Have you received these? They’re highly annoying.

11 thoughts on “Quick Question For You

  1. Lisa,
    Did you notice that the mother at the bench was pouring water on the flowers yesterday? There was a ritual. It felt like she was wanting to give life to her child that was gone.

  2. note: the above comment was an attempt at “trolling”

    Spammer: One who comments to provide useless information, possibly in hopes of redirecting traffic.

    Troll: One who comments with, typically, incendiary comments in hopes of starting a flame-war amongst the other participants.

  3. Hi Lane — I figured you were up to something with the first email…namely, being a smart-aleck! I forgot to respond in like manner back. Thanks for clarifying spamming versus trolling!

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