Writing Bliss

Just a pretty view, but what's that?
Just a pretty view, but what’s that?

Today felt fan-tabulous. I fiiinally started the story that I’ve been thinking about for eons. This story began its budding life with a title I liked…and then last fall a memorial bench in my neighborhood park sparked my interest.

A few weeks after noticing the memorial plaque beside the bench, I took these photos, which solidified my story idea. It’s been bugging me ever since. The piece felt difficult, however, because I wanted to challenge myself to create a story in which nothing much happens. (Sounds weird, but read on.)

A few days ago, I decided I’d best set myself a goal and get the darned thing written. The steam of it was about blow out my ears. Onto the page already!

What's that woman doing at the memorial bench?
What's that woman doing at the memorial bench?

I played my usual mind tricks: index cards, daydreams with notebook open at my side (and a few zzz’s thrown in for good measure), jotted notes in a blank Word file.

Then today: Ten pages, baby! There’s something too delicious about fresh words on fresh pages.

Closing in...Oh my, she's cleaning the memorial...
Closing in...Oh my, she's cleaning the memorial...

Don’t get me wrong, I love revising, but revision is quite the analytical process for me. Pure creativity like today’s is bliss.


The story consists of three scenes: at home, to the florist, to the memorial bench. I wrote two of them today. It never ceases to amaze me that a whole world can exist within a basic, maybe even boring, framework.

...for a boy, I imagine her son...
...for a boy, I imagine her son...

I’ve probably mentioned this before, but I love backstory. And my quiet, grieving protagonist isn’t all that she seems. So even though nothing happens, in reality everything’s happening. I love that!

Tomorrow I’ll finish the first draft. I’ll send it to my writing group. On Tuesday, they’ll probably ream me a new one.

But hey, it’s getting this long-awaited first draft into Times New Roman, 12 point, that counts! 

Flowers beside the plaque
Flowers beside the plaque

10 thoughts on “Writing Bliss

  1. Way to go! I think one of the best parts about creative writing is the dreaming. When you feel like your characters are as real as everyone around you.

  2. That’s fantastic! I’m glad to read that you’re enjoying a surge of creativity. I love the pictures too. I’m not surprised you’re inspired–what a beautiful park!


  3. Woohoo, Mari, you know how good this feels!

    Grizzie, you’re the one surging these days! You’re inspiring me to do something about my website situation!

    Thanks, Becca! Hope my story turns out as well as I imagine it!

  4. Those are some beautiful and inspiring images and I bet your story is amazing. Reading about your excitement makes me feel good. My writing is not going that well, but there is hope. I want to feel like you.

  5. Oh, Lisa! This entry made the hairs stand up on the back of my neck. It’s so amazing when you wait and wait, and then TEN PAGES just come out of that waiting…and there they are! Your photos are lovely, even beyond lovely. And your story sounds wonderful…just the kind of story I love to read, too. (Don’t let your group be too hard on you.)

  6. Thanks, Lori. You’ll feel like me! I’m sure of it–we just keep plugging away and have our writing-bliss days every once in awhile.

    Hi Sandi, nice to hear from you! That was fun blog post to write too, no doubt about that!

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