Cheering Myself Up

easterI’m sitting here on Easter Sunday, staring at a section of manual entitled “Target Settings.” I’m editing this section (fiction feels far away, needless to say), and I’m missing an annual Easter brunch with some of my best friends in the world, a couple of whom I went to college with and who know me well enough to know that I’m not there because things ain’t exactly right with me at the moment…

This is not to say that I’m forgoing all social activities this weekend. Yesterday, after five hours of work that didn’t lead to any forward progress with my many overly project-managed deadlines, I went to a friend’s house to dye eggs, drink, and eat. We consumed lilac-colored martinis made with Parfait Amour liquor. Yummy. I drank one too many.

That was good. I needed it. Not feeling tip-top right now, but I just now decided that I AM going to this same friend’s Easter dinner. I’m not going to miss both of my Easter Sunday engagements because of the work — no, no, no.

Dogwalking with camera in handThe thought of a traditional ham dinner cheers me up (as food usually does), and just now, staring at words like “configure” and “properties” and “redirection,” I got to thinking about cheering myself up in general.

Yesterday I bought an “anti-gravity” (i.e. reclines) chair for the deck so that I can sit comfortably out there with my laptop (or not) when the weather warms. I’m looking forward to this. I’m going to pot flowers too.

But right now, what? Blogging seems to be helping, actually. I’m glad to be here, writing this, blowing off the work for 30 minutes.

And what else? My camera. I remembered it a few days ago. Snapping pictures soothes me. Any mundane image will do. Here are a few other things that cheered me up this week:


Easter treats to share with friends
Easter treats to share with friends
Wildflower fields
Wildflower fields
New ring for spring
New ring for spring

8 thoughts on “Cheering Myself Up

  1. Love the pic of your shadow and dog. You have such a great eye! And I applaud your blowing off of work to feed your soul with friendship and fun (and your belly with cocktails and ham). Enjoy!

  2. That field of wildflowers is AMAZING! So glad you’re taking time off from words like “configure” and “properties” and “redirection.” Ham and drinks and friends and pictures–not to mention an anti-gravity chair–sound like just the ticket!

  3. Hi, Lisa,
    Your egg picture made me laugh out loud while I must say I love ALL the pictures! (yup, me, the photo nut). Was good to see the dog. And the wildflowers pic is especially lovely because we are SO impatient for sun and warm and flowers and walking through fields on a lovely afternoon. And, cool ring!
    Yeah, let’s leave the tech stuff for weekdays only – ahahaha! signed, Oh

  4. Thanks, leafless, my dog loves to sprint across this spot.

    Oh! Thanks for the compliment, which is quite the compliment considering you’re such a great photographer!

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