What I Did on My Lunch Hour

Can out Luna begging for a little sandwich
Check out Luna begging for a little sandwich

Today — at noon, no less — I made the break. I wrenched myself away from my deadlines, put on semi-decent clothes plus a groovy necklace (which is really dressing up) and sped away from my home-office. With windows rolled down, I let the spring breeze mess up my already disheveled curls, which reminded me that I’m about two months overdue for a haircut.

But, no matter, because at least my hair was clean for a change, and the sun was out. Luna the Dog stared up at me, expecting and about to receive a desultory walk in the park, in which I chatted with other dogwalkers while she tried to avoid all dog-contact. She’s like that.

Then, off to a cafe with its outdoor seating back in place after a long winter. Happy day! Brie panini (a splurge, admittedly), latte, and laptop. I munched the sandwich as I munged words, achieving my hour’s worth of fiction for the day. Still not the best, still itchy that I can’t spend all day…But a step in the right direction, right?

Truth is, I could have worked another little while on the novel, but I decided to finish up my lunch hour with a little spring-cleaning. My home is a wreck, but now my balcony is habitable.

Alas, I must return to the training manual I’m editing, which means that the dog and the cat get to enjoy the balcony. Ah well, that was a mighty fine three-hour lunch hour!

Luna amidst the new geraniums and daisies
Luna amidst the new geraniums and daisies
Trio on the new "anti-gravity" deck chair
Trio on the new "anti-gravity" deck chair

4 thoughts on “What I Did on My Lunch Hour

  1. You have not only mastered the lunch hour, it seems, but you have me convinced I should do the same. So today, I went to B&N to meet a writing friend. Which was lovely. But the amazing thing? I was there for an hour and managed to leave without buying a book!!!! no, really, that’s major for me. The place is like a drug, but armed wih my library card, I may have my book buying under control. Thanks for sharing the good effects of a lunch hour, and, BTW, your balcony looks lovely.

  2. Congratulations on all your writing awards!!!!!Do you have problems with your cat playing with your flowers? When I bring cut flowers inside to do still life images, I have to hide the flowers from the cats. Drop by and smell my still life image of some pink geraniums on my blog at http://photographyhints.blogspot.com

  3. It’s really important to do these little things to help take care of yourself. You know the old airplane adage – in case of an emergency always put your own oxygen mask on first before assisting others. There’s a reason for that!

    Be good to yourself 🙂

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