Pesistence and the Swamp Thing, My Journey to Publication

swamp_thingToday’s Friday, and I’m over on The Debutante Ball, a group ball for debut authors. Poets&Writers saw my post and liked it enough to list it on its Daily News right here: Isn’t that cool? I thought it was. Any little thing to shore up my fragile writer’s ego, right? (I’m only partially kidding.)

Here’s the start of my post over on The Debutante Ball:

No Cinderella Story Here, More Like the Swamp Thing’s Journey Toward Publication

I’m here to tell you that if I can get published, so can you …

OK, honesty required: I had no clue what to write for this post. Lisa the Martyr read her fellow debutantes’ posts about their so-called hardships when it came to finding agents or selling their books — pleeeease! I’m the novelist swamp thing who dragged myself out of the publishing trenches and lived to tell the tale over a decade later. <pity party here>

Talk about needing to get a grip. Comparing my journey to my fellow debutantes’ journeys — and, worse still, finding myself the loser — was ridiculous. We all have different life circumstances. The truth is, I persisted despite two major bouts of depression, three literary-agent sob stories, and dire financial repercussions from the danged economic downturn. I know plenty of writers who have quit for less.

I’m the friggin’ poster child for persistence!!! (I just stole some of Lori’s exclamation points. See Monday’s post.)

And the truth of the matter is … CLICK HERE

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