My Inner Critic From Hell

Last week wasn’t stellar. I found out that my precious pup, Luna the One-Eyed Wonder Dog, has aggressive oral cancer. So when it came time to write my Debutante Ball blog post for Friday, that news factored in. Big time. Here’s how I ranted last week, our topic being our inner critics.

I Want to Murder My Inner Critic

dial_m_for_murderI had all kinds of ideas for my post today. An interview with my inner critic. Five ways to beat the inner-critic blues. Inner-critic schizophrenia. I coulda had some fun with this topic.

But I have to be true to the reality of my life. And life got in the way yesterday. I found out that my beloved Luna the One-Eyed Wonder Dog has malignant, aggressive oral cancer. I’m devastated. Crushed. Unglued. She’s had a tough doggy life, and she doesn’t deserve more pain or fear. She’s my little rescue pup, and I’m lucky I found her.

Back to the inner critic: I’m not buying into any optimistic takes on the inner critic. Inner critics don’t deserve to inhabit our heads. Everything that we do that aligns with our best selves comes from the parts of us that are passionate, competent, responsible, compassionate, caring, and so on. The inner critic’s only goal is to make us miserable.

And here’s a prime example … PLEASE READ ON


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