INSPIRATION | New York Times Bestseller Elizabeth George

Last week on The Debutante Ball, we wrote about writers who have inspired us with their sage advice on the writing life and on craft. I was energized all week long reading our posts, and especially as I thought about one of my literary heroes, Elizabeth George.

I consider Elizabeth George one of my early-on mentors, and I’m so, so lucky that I got to learn from her. The post I wrote for the Ball doesn’t nearly cover what I learned. Craft-wise, I recommend her writing book, Write Away, One Novelist’s Approach to Fiction and the Writing Life. I return to it again and again.

5 Pearls of Wisdom from New York Times Bestseller Elizabeth George

pearlElizabeth George is one of my writing gods. Way back when, when I was fresh and bouyant with ignorance, I registered for my first writers retreat. Only Elizabeth George would do out of a list of stellar author instructors. Never mind that I hadn’t fulfilled the prerequisite (the fiction basics workshop), I wasn’t budging.

Her workshop ended up being the best thing I’ve ever talked my way into. Elizabeth’s teaching style and her perspective on the writing craft resonated with me. I found myself signing up with her again. And again. I couldn’t get enough.

This week I’ve PLEASE READ ON

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