Coping with So-Called Disasters, Or, Getting a Grip

Black_Friday_Shopping_lines-300x197I took a two-week break from this blog. This was inadvertent. I lost track of myself. I’m deep in revision mode, and was preoccupied with Thanksgiving, work deadlines, and my wee doggy’s cancer diagnosis. Life.

Last week on The Debutante Ball we talked about Thanksgiving and other disasters. I got to thinking about Black Friday — seemed natural since my post appeared on that day — and I got to thinking about every day disasters that really aren’t. How do I get a grip when I’m spinning out of control on stuff that seems like OH MY GOD, when really it’s a big nothing in the scheme of life?

5 Tips for Coping With Black Friday Disasters

We’re talking disasters this week, and I’ll tell you what would be a disaster. Me. Today. In a mall. The last time I attempted a shopping spree the day after Thanksgiving — years ago, when Black Friday was mild compared to what it is today — I ended up elbowing a women in the face to get at the last cashmere sweater. Did I break her nose? Doubtful, but, man, was it bloody. The craziest part of it was that the women barely blinked. She tilted her head back, covered her nose with her scarf, and grabbed the cashmere sweater right out from under me because, stupidly, I’d stopped to apologize profusely.

I kid you not.

I bloodied a woman and I was chump enough to lose the sweater. I spent hours obsessing over this disaster, when, in reality, PLEASE READ ON


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