Before and After — Analyzing KILMOON’s Book Cover

Coming March 18, 2014.
Coming March 18, 2014.

Wanna see KILMOON’s original set of cover composites? You know you do!

Last week on The Debutante Ball, we debuting authors talked about our book covers. Seeing the cover is probably (I wouldn’t know based on firsthand experience) like seeing your baby’s ultrasound image for the first time. It’s real! It will be born!

To me, books covers are marketing tools disguised as little works of art. I’m so lucky. I love my cover! Here’s the post:

KILMOON, Evolution of a Book Cover

I had a dream for KILMOON’s cover. I wanted it to look like a “big book.” By this I mean that I wanted my name to be as prominent as the title. In the realm of mystery/suspense/thriller, the bigger the name on the cover, the bigger the author. It’s a branding thing. If your name is above the title — whoa, definite big time!

I thought a lot about branding. I thought about what it means to have a series. I wanted my initial cover to include elements that could be used in future covers. I wanted to have a look that lent itself to variations on a theme.

I pictured moody. I pictured, of course, Ireland. I pictured a church PLEASE READ ON


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