What Is Success Anyhow?

Tough-love1-300x256Last week on The Debutante Ball, we wrote about the moment we each felt we could make it as novelists. The consensus for all of us seemed to be that there was no one moment, but a series of moments, starting with the tiniest of flickers, say, when we received a good critique or went to our first writers conferences.

By the end of the week I was done with the niceties. (We are nice bunch o’ novelists, and it was an inspirational week.) I wanted to lay down some cranky tough love. Here you have it!

Have a wonderful New Year. On Thursday I might talk about my writing goals for 2014. Maybe.

On “Making It” — Time for Some Tough Love, My Friends

This week I’ve been thinking about the beacons of light that dot my writing journey — writing “the end” for the first time, receiving that first agent request for a full manuscript, announcing KILMOON’s publication date to everyone I know.

But you know what? Those fabulous moments are fleeting, and you can’t count on them. I hate to be the Grinchy deb as we end this week filled with holiday festivities and friends and family — but this is, ultimately, the truth: PLEASE READ ON

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