Anti-Competitiveness: When All You Want to Do Is Take a Nap

TiredDogLast week on The Debutante Ball we talked about competition — competitions we’ve won or lost — in honor of the Olympics. I was out of it last week. All you need to do is check out my previous post (last Thursday) to understand why. But still, I did consider the topic of competitiveness and chime in.

How’s this week going? Hmm … Stress is high. I’ll be away all next week at a writers conference (yay, can’t wait!), which means that this week I have an extra eleventy jillion things to finish up. More on the conference next week!

Olympics? Competitiveness? Huh?

Well, gotta say that I have no opinion about this week’s topic. I’m not interested enough to regale you with the few competitions I have won. Weird, huh? I told my fellow debs I’m having an off week. Guess that means I win the most uninspired blog post award.

Does that count as having the competitive spirit?

I don’t get the competitive thing. I don’t get sports. I barely even get the hubbub over the Olympics. I’d love to be able to say that I’m competitive against myself–but that’s not so true either. I’m a sleepyhead by nature, and I’m hard-pressed not to float through life. I find the energy required for all this authorial stuff–blog tours, etcetera–trying at best.

5 Reasons I’m Not What You’d Call Competitive PLEASE READ ON


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