The Random Writing Prompt

Last week on The Debutante Ball our topic wasn’t a topic so much as a random prompt. We’d nixed one of our weekly topics because it bored us and had to think of something else. I have no clue how we came up with this prompt, but we did, and the amazing thing was that we all managed to riff on it.

The writing prompt?

The color orange.

I know, random, right? Here’s what I came up with.

Superpowers, the Color Orange, and Shoplifting

Last week on Facebook I happened to see the question you see below. And, as it happens, the color I would choose is orange. Running at the speed of light would mean that at a moment’s notice I could travel like this — <snap> — to spend a day in Paris or Florence or London or anywhere, and then return to my own best-bed-in-the-world.


World travel plus sleep in my own bed? Heaven! I get dreamy just thinking about it. Like, let’s say I have pending research questions for my next manuscript in the County Clare Mystery series. For example, I might need to PLEASE READ ON


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