5 Lessons Learned from My Book Launch

launch3Back again! I’ve been so busy with launching KILMOON that I’ve neglected this poor blog. Kilmoon launched March 18th, and it’s taken me this long to get back into some semblance of normality. I needed recuperation time! Plus, honestly? I was writing so many guest blog posts for awhile there that I couldn’t face this particular white page.

I’ll provide of few photos of the fun times on Thursday or Friday. Meanwhile, perfect timing had me writing about the launch last week on The Debutante Ball. I took stock of my launch, and these were my lessons learned.

5 Lessons Learned from KILMOON’s Book Launch

KILMOON launched March 18th, so this week’s topic comes at the perfect time to think about my lessons learned. What can I improve upon for the next release?

1. Start earlier. I did a pretty good job of my launch despite the fact that I truly began planning for it about 2-1/2 months beforehand. Given the sheer number of details and my tendency toward chaos, I need to start way ahead of time. I’m observing Natalia and Lori, who are coming out in June and July. They have their shite together, my god! Also, in the name of organization: Buy a binder and tab dividers.

2. Travel a little. Given my life here in Portland, PLEASE READ ON


2 thoughts on “5 Lessons Learned from My Book Launch

    1. June! Thanks so much! I’ll definitely add you to Team Squee. Love it! These days, I need to squee it out for people to remember to review the book on Amazon … “discoverability” “visibility” — all that good stuff. Cheers!

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