Armed and Dangerous in 2015

armedUsing “dangerous” in the title is my blatant ploy to start the year off on splashy note. If Big Brother is reading this, just know that the only person I’m liable to endanger is myself. But I am coming to 2015 armed.

Armed with what, you ask? Armed with self-improvement! Oh yes, my New Agey roots peep to the surface when the New Year rolls around. I try to think of ways to paralyze the depression monster in its tracks. I promise myself that this year it’s going to be different. And who knows, maybe one year it will be different. I do have an optimistic streak in there somewhere.

I’ll tell you one way this year has started out differently already: I feel pretty good. That’s it. “Pretty good” may not be a ringing endorsement, but January is normally my worst S.A.D. month. The holidays are over and January’s gray maw yawns opens, full of rain and wind and cold. Besides the unusually good weather we’ve had (which is huge), the main thing that’s different this year is that I got to open my happy jar. All year long I placed happy notes in it. Reading them helped me see that despite depressive times, 2014 was pretty darned great!

(Later: For more details about the happy jar, check out my guest post on Kris Waldherr’s wonderful News & Muse blog) .

I’m doing the happy jar again this year. How else am I armed for 2015?

1. Every year I vow I’m going to become more organized — keeping to-do lists and crossing items off to-do lists. Uh-huh. Doesn’t last for long, but every year I start again. This year I kept it simple with a classic Moleskin weekly notebook. Two days in (started yesterday, Monday), and I’ve already ticked off nine tasks.

journal32. These two little books are new as of this year. I miss journaling. I used to be a great diarist. Vomiting onto the page kept my writing muscles limber, helped me process and stay balanced, aided creativity. I’ve accepted that I’m no longer a diarist. BUT, I want to keep my hand in–and I especially want to promote emotional balance with gratitude and positive thinking, which is what the five-minute journal is all about.

3. An art desk calendar. I’ve never used a desk calendar in my life. However, I bought a really nice calendar with pictures of art from the Met. I’m thinking that looking at a piece of beauty every morning can do nothing but help.

Here's my happy jar and art calendar in a central location.
Here’s my happy jar and art calendar in a central location.

Armed with all of this, maybe I am a little dangerous. In danger of blowing this year out of the water!



8 thoughts on “Armed and Dangerous in 2015

  1. Great post. I have about a half dozen journals, half filled, strewn about my house, but the lure of a brand new one is intoxicating. Ah, that new year, new journal, new story smell.

  2. I’m not making any resolutions this year (no matter what I do, this year will be very different and in some ways better than last year), but I am working, as always, on being organized. My lists are mostly electronic, not paper, but I am still trying to make my lists and check things off.

    I read an article once by somebody who went out with a list of errands to perform. While walking around doing them, the writer thought of something else (going to the post office), and then took out the list, wrote “Post Office” on it, only to cross it off a minute later.

    I was glad to read that, since I’d thought I was the only person who did that. 🙂

    1. Seems so simple: write lists, look at them, do them, cross them off … sigh … I’m working on it! I’m not very good at follow-through. I’m looking at my list for this week — yikes, looks like I’m going to be busy this weekend if I want to knock them all off! 🙂 My goal is really a kind of consistency–doing just a couple of tasks (I don’t count that actual writing in this–I’m talking about tasks like “write blog post,” “get in touch with XXX,” etcetera) a day shouldn’t be so impossible, right?

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