A Few Pictures from Left Coast Crime

I promised I would share a few pictures from Left Coast Crime – Crimelandia, an annual crime fiction conference for fans. Every year it switches city. This year I got lucky because it was in Portland, my home town.

I find that conference photos fall into a few main categories.

Event Photos

This would be panels and receptions and banquet. The official stuff.

This was taken at the opening ceremony. So exciting to be a Rosebud Award best first author nominee. Allen Eskins, me, M.P. Cooley, Lori Rader-Day, and Holly West. Congratulation to Allen for the win! Come to find out that it really is fun to be nominated.


I was on a panel with some pretty well-known hard hitters — all men. I was a little nervous because the topic was cliches in crime fiction. Perviously, I’d been on international settings panels since KILMOON is set in Ireland. So this topic was new for me.

Glad to say that I held my own with the men! I was the straight (wo)man to their funny stuff, but that’s OK. Afterwards, a couple of audience members told me they loved a particular thing I’d said about the “joy of familiarity.” Too bad the details are gone; I no longer know what I said!

With James Ziskin, Bill Fitzhugh, Blake Crouch, and David Corbett (moderator).

Bar Photos

There’s no getting away from the fact that the fun stuff happens in the bar after the panels and receptions and banquets are over for the day.

Rabble rousers! Bill Cameron, Sean Chercover, Blake Crouch, and Brett Battles.


Photos with Friends Rarely Seen Except at Conferences

After awhile, you can’t help but make friends in the crime fiction community. And after awhile, conferences start to resemble reunions. Theoretically, we’re all there to promote our books, and meet readers/fans, and gain new readers/fans. The truth is there are as many authors at these events as readers.

Here I am with Lori Rader-Day, fellow Rosebud Award nominee. We’ve become good pals.
With Catriona McPherson, Stacy Allen, and Gigi Pandian.


And Then the Pictures You Don’t Know Anyone Is Taking Until You Get Tagged On Facebook

Crime fiction fan and aficionado Pamela Cardone took this funny snap of me showing off KILMOON during the panel. David had asked me to hold it up; I hadn’t expected that. I look a little sheepish, don’t I?


 Do you go to conferences for your profession? What are they like?



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