What Is Success Anyhow?

success-secretsWas it only last week that I wrote a blog post about being a terrified first-time home buyer? Seems like a lifetime ago. After I wrote the post my offer on a house was accepted! Since then, I’ve done my best to remain objective because there ARE other houses that would be just as good for me — it just doesn’t feel like it. Despite some of this house’s careworn and funky 1970s features, it’s kind of perfect for me in all the ways that matter most to me.

But we’ll see. Objectivity, Lisa!

Last week was stressful. An aspect of my finances fell through after the offer was approved (yikes!) so I scrambled to figure it all out and incurred the wrath of the mortgage guy at my bank when I found a really good mortgage broker and started from scratch with a new pre-approval. And then there was lining up the inspections … And getting freaked out because of dry rot.

But we’ll see. Objectivity, Lisa!

This week is about getting estimates from a contractor for dry rot and some other things, and the negotiations, signing a zillion papers I barely understand with my broker (financial disclosure papers), and worrying endlessly about the whole negotiation process.

All I want to do is think about paint colors. Hah!

And through all this, my day job is crazy and I’ve still got a May 1st deadline with the novel. I’m proud to say I wrote my tookus off over the weekend and finally completed the revision! Yay! This was a major revision — I rewrote the end of the book. I’m so relieved. Now I can dig in and really analyze it for story and the subplots, see what’s what.

So, my month of hunkering down continues. Here’s a sheepish blog post I wrote yesterday for Shadowspinners. I’m not keeping up on everything perfectly right now, but I’m doing pretty OK. That’s success right there.

What Is Success Anyhow?

I’m late again! I’ve got to be the flakiest Shadowspinners blogger here. Or, the most likely to get overwhelmed and lose track of things. Either way, I am hanging my head in sheepish mode as I write this post. The funny thing is … PLEASE CONTINUE

2 thoughts on “What Is Success Anyhow?

  1. “Objectivity, Lisa!”

    We all need to give ourselves, and each other, these reminders from time to time. Objectivity isn’t something you work toward and achieve and then you’re set. There’s always a big pull away from it that we need to resist. It’s always a tug of war.

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