Sunday at Home with a Procrastinating Novelist

So much has changed since I last wrote — what a whirlwind! I last wrote three months ago while in the midst of home-buying and manuscript-finishing craziness. Stress, thy name was Lisa Alber.

Here’s an image of my view at this moment  … hold on a second, I’m taking the picture now …

With Fawn "The Ears" Alber, my mascot. Don't mind her bad manners, it's just the outside table.
With Fawn “The Ears” Alber, my mascot. Don’t mind her bad manners, it’s just the outside table. She’ll fall asleep soon.

This is where I’ve been hanging out as much as possible: in my very own backyard! Yes, I’m moved and settled and writing the first draft of a new novel — novel #3 actually, due in about a year. Seems like a long time, but it’s not. It’s really not, not the way I write. For a quick update on the result of finishing novel #2 by the May 1st deadline, check out this page on my website. More information to come!

I’ve decided to get back into updating my blog — quick posts like this one because I’m over-busy and can barely remember the basics sometimes. Almost forgot a friend’s birthday last week!

I love being home so much now that sometimes I just want to be in it, that’s it. Puttering around, drinking coffee slowly, lingering in the bath manicuring my grungy toenails (another thing I haven’t had time for this summer). In fact, now it’s about 1:00 p.m., Sunday afternoon, and I have to get to the writing. Of course, writing this post is yet more procrastination …

And to my left, Trio, who has taken over the old Adirondack chair that came with the house.
And to my left, Trio, who has taken over the old Adirondack chair that came with the house.

Funny thing about lingering — or maybe malingering — is that sometimes it opens up the necessary space in the subconscious for ideas to burble up. Two writing thoughts occurred to me while de-gunking my toenails. Nothing momentous. Sometimes I just need a way into the writing for the day.

I’m about halfway through writing the body scene, cue official start the murder investigation. It’s fine — first drafty fine — but … blah. Just blah. Thankfully, about the time I tackled my first pinkie toe, I realized how the scene affects my detective, Danny Ahern. Not just professionally — that’s the easy part. The hard part is the personal. A character’s internal arc. So a thought burbled up … aah … and now I have my way in for the day.

Luckily, I also had a thought about the next scene. So hopefully I can write on through without noodling around any more than I have today.

So off I go now. The writing awaits.

2 thoughts on “Sunday at Home with a Procrastinating Novelist

  1. Lisa, there is something wonderful about being home ALONE with no one to interrupt your thoughts before you get them down on the page. With my husband retired, I really appreciate the times when he has things to do and places to go, so I can let my mind work in complete quiet (or with some music in the background).

    1. Hi there! I love that too, and especially when I don’t have any other commitments for the day, so the whole day is about writing even if I don’t actually get to the writing until the afternoon. Slowing down, I guess I’d call it. Life is WAY too hectic most of the time, isn’t it?

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