OMG, Is That a Spreadsheet?

Wasn’t I just talking about becoming more organized and that my revision outline was a good start? After Monday’s post, I began revising per said outline. Unfortunately, yesterday I experienced a mini-mental blowout when I arrived at this question: Move Chapter 14 back so that right before Chapter 17? Because I’m not organized enough to have a chapter-by-chapter… Read More OMG, Is That a Spreadsheet?

Growing Pains

After regrouping, analyzing, editing, and brainstorming my first 120 pages, I come to four possible conclusions: 1. My story sucks, and I don’t know what I’m doing. 2. I’ve mastered just enough fiction craft to be my own worst enemy. 3. I’m not trusting the process. 4. I’ve got it going on, no worries. Even I know point one is too… Read More Growing Pains