Summer Vacation, Maybe

(Acknowledgments to another Lisa for this post, which sent me to the ultimate workspace-voyeur posting at Jezebel’s blog.)

Starting a new work-week with nothing concrete in mind since finishing the first draft. Today I was going to make a list…And how come I just wrote “was going to” instead of “am going to”? Talk about a summer-vacation mindset. Not yet 3:00 p.m., and I’m acting like the time for industrious activity has passed me by for the day.

I think I can manage to write a list after I go to dreaded CostCo, which I’ve been putting off for awhile now.

(Actually, the list in my head is already too long, and I know what I’m going to start on tomorrow, but for the sake of today, because I’m supposed to be on a break, I’m pretending I’m at loose ends.)


The number one item on the to-do list will be de-chaos-ifying my apartment, starting with my office as seen here. How many bits of paper do I need, and why aren’t I using the notebook I bought just for jotting random thoughts as they enter my head, so that they’re all in one spot, so that I head off paper chaos at the pass?

Looking forward to a late spring cleaning. Clear out my home, clear out my brain, that’s what I say.

How’s your workspace on these fine summer days?

5 thoughts on “Summer Vacation, Maybe

  1. My office is generally very clean, but it looks pretty much like yours right now. Last week, I moved out onto the porch to write and it’s been great but every time I have something to go in my office, I just open the door and toss it in!

  2. “de-chaos-ifying”

    I love your term on the chaos of your space, and your pictures could be of my work space. Mine is for writing and art, a double duty area that only I know where everything I need is located. Your entry brightened my day.

    Annie O.

  3. Look at all your space!

    My workspace is a traveling one: it’s all in my backpack. Sometimes I set it up at a cafe, and sometimes at this members-only writing spot where I am now. My back hurts if I carry around too much, so I really have to pick and choose what needs to come with me. All the chaos can be found on my laptop… what a mess of files and ideas and notes I have on there!

    If — when — I move out of my teeny-tiny one-bedroom in NYC (shared, no less!), I’ll be hoping to have a workspace at home. I can’t wait. Yours looks so inviting, I could step into the picture and just start writing right now, chaos and all.

  4. Hi cedar…This week I managed to clean the drift of scraps shown tn the middle image but that was about it…Guess that counts toward spring cleaning!

    Nova! Yep, move to a place like Portland, Oregon, and you, too, can rent an affordable two-bedroom apartment! It’s great: First thing I did after moving here from NYC. (I had two roomies in NYC, in a place near the meat-packing district before it became gentrified.)

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